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New Zealand Cricket

About New Zealand Cricket

New Zealand Cricket is the national sporting organisation responsible for the leadership and guardianship of cricket in New Zealand.

NZC’s strategic vision is for cricket to be a game for all New Zealanders; A game for life.

Every day we are working to create an exciting, open and accessible environment that will remove barriers to play, and will help grow our base irrespective of demographics, backgrounds and gender.

One of the key pillars underpinning this vision is the continued development of women and girl's engagement and participation across all aspects of the sport.

New Zealand Cricket is committed to a long-term focus on engaging more women and girls in both on-field and off-field participation. This includes;

  • Developing unique and evolving playing opportunities
  • Continuing to build on the ‘Women in Cricket Governance’ project
  • Growing the depth and quality of female leadership throughout the network
  • Continuing to develop a professional system in women’s cricket

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