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Creating an Environment for Youth to Flourish

Creating an Environment for Youth to Flourish

This article explores through a coaching lens and various youth development and health frameworks how to create an environment for youth to flourish in sport.

What makes a successful Secondary Coach is a question often asked. Traditional mindsets might have had us answer with the trophy on the shelf, yet when we ask our players, there answers are diverse and often speak to the experience. If our coaching narrative is a singular story (ie trophy), what does that mean for our environments?

In this article, NZ Secondary Schools Netball Coach, Charissa Barham shares some valuable ideas on creating positive sporting environments for our players.

What is the purpose of this article?

* To raise awareness using different models, to think about coaching the whole person and creating a coaching environment that meets the needs of the whole person. Tools that help coaches identify key elements in knowing your players, connecting your coaching 'why' to meet the needs of your players and tools for self-reflection.

* Application of the frameworks to contextualise for coaching.

This article was part of a Netball New Zealand Road show workshop series for Secondary School Coaches.

What are the key messages in the article?

* Coaching Self-Reflection - where as a coach do you currently sit? How is your learning environment motivating you?

*Understanding your Players: Where are your players currently placed (motivation and the environment they come from)? What are your coaching strategies to move the players over the season?

* Integrating a Youth Development Model into your coaching.

What impact can these models have?

Providing a framework for coaches to explicitly plan different ways to build a balanced programme for their players, regardless if they are competitive or social.

Moving to a shift to process based coaching vs outcome based coaching can lead to a quality experience for all of our players.

What are the outcomes for women?

This article was developed off the back of Netball New Zealand's Youth Strategy and a national roadshow for Secondary School Coaches.

* Increasing the knowledge of coaches to understand the needs of young women

* Shifting the climate young women participate in

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