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IWG 2022 Progress Report

IWG 2022 Progress Report

This 2022 Progress Report – from Gaborone to Aotearoa continues a legacy of 28 years of research that has influenced global leadership on equity for girls and women in sport and physical activity. Each report has collected evidence about issues and concerns, areas of action (and inaction) and recommended priorities.

In May 1994 the ‘Women, Sport and the Challenge of Change’ World Conference took place in Brighton, England, organised and hosted by the former British Sports Council and supported by the International Olympic Committee, bringing together different organisations and countries to share ideas and experiences from within the global women and sport movement.

The conference itself was a starting point for change including the launch of the Brighton Declaration plus the creation of the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG).

Since 1998 the IWG have commissioned a quadrennial progress report to track the impact of four years of intervention at local and global levels, surveying the signatories to the 2014 Brighton+Helsinki Declaration.

This progress report records activities undertaken in the previous four years (201821) and as such is focused on what has (and has not) been occurring during the global pandemic.

It is both remarkable that there is much to celebrate in terms of progress, and also sobering to consider the challenges facing girls and women in such an environment.

This report has captured specific information about COVID-19 and how organisations are continuing to address issues of equity for girls and women in these constrained times.

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