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Future Talent: Paige Loggenberg

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An interview with Otago batter and NZ U-19 world cup player, Paige Loggenberg.

  • Player Profile
  • Age: 19
  • Teams: Otago, New Zealand Development XI, NZ U-19 World Cup side
  • Otago runs: 18 @ 9
  • NZ Development runs: 15 @ 5
  • Overs bowled: 3
  • Total Runs Conceded: 25
  • Wickets: 0

Paige Loggenberg currently plays for the Otago Sparks and recently played in India for the New Zealand Development side. Paige has been growing through the ranks throughout her career playing for Otago U15, 18, and 19 over her high school career along with being very well academically rounded and a good musician. After completing her time at Wakatipu High School, Paige was selected for the New Zealand Development side to tour India to play against the West Indies U-19 and India U-19 sides. Paige has since been selected for the New Zealand U-19 World Cup side to play in South Africa in 2023. In 2022, she was offered a contract with the Otago Sparks team for the 2022/23 domestic season. She has had lots of support over her small but bright career, with her family being her biggest supporter every step along the way. Paige especially credits her brothers who were a big part of getting her involved in sport, with Loggenberg playing whatever her brothers played which is how she got into cricket and loving it ever since! She has also said that her hero/idol has been her brothers and that she has always aspired to be as good as them, she thinks that she is now almost as good as them.

Loggenberg currently prefers to bat and has future aspirations of eventually making the White Ferns side but she is currently focusing on becoming a good player at domestic cricket, the U-19 trip to the World Cup will definitely help her to get better at cricket and become a more well-rounded player in different conditions. She is currently taking each step as it comes and trying to seize all the opportunities she can at such a young age.

Loggenberg feels that the best part of playing cricket in a semi-professional environment is the feeling that you get when you are doing well due to cricket being a hard sport and can get you down as well. According to Loggenberg, the feeling is amazing when you're on top. Loggenberg also knows that Women's cricket has come a long way, especially this year through the pay agreement, but it still has a long way to go in terms of support and pay.

I thank you very much Paige for your time and wish you all the best for the rest of the season with Otago and the U-19 World Cup in South Africa.

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