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The ROI of Women’s Sports: A Blueprint for Value Investing

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The ROI of Women’s Sports: A Blueprint for Value Investing

The ROI of Women's Sports

By applying the investment banking concept of ‘value investing’, this report presents a new way to think about investing in women’s sports. This report outlines three different investment profiles for brands to consider in order to maximize their ROI while eliminating barriers to the growth of the industry. The report covers topics including but not limited to:

- Value investing framework for women’s sports

- A breakdown of the vicious cycle that prevents investment

- Investment blueprints for how any brand can invest in women’s sports

- Case studies showcasing some of the brand investments that are already breaking down barriers

- Proprietary data and insights that demonstrate the continued value of Fan’s of Women’s Sports

- A roadmap for how to continuously track growth and value data that we use in this report

You can download the report here.

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