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Tātāwhāinga - Episode 1: Welcome to Tātāwhāinga

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Tātāwhāinga - Episode 1: Welcome to Tātāwhāinga

Welcome to Tātāwhāinga. My name's Erin Roxburgh, your host for Tātāwhāinga. Throughout this podcast we're exploring issues facing the sports sector here in Aotearoa, speaking with athletes and sports professionals on their experiences. Dissecting key topics across how sport is governed in Aotearoa, commercial sports organisations, leadership, gender equity, the role of sports media, athletes, sport tournaments, and the importance of Te Ao Māori in the sport sector. I'm excited to bring you along with me as we start to think critically about the issues here in Aotearoa and more importantly, start to dream about what the future holds. Feb 14, 2023 01:12

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